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Building Single Page Sales Sites With SEO In Mind – The Capture Page

One of type of website that you will want to build today is that of the capture page. Without this in place, affiliate marketing, and a lot of other pages will fail to convert on their traffic. Even ecommerce websites have these in place, and it’s in regards to signing people up for the newsletters that they are sending out. If you want to create market share for any industry, you will need to have these strategic sites and they cannot just have one single navigation feature. You’ll want to have several elements and you’ll want to have seo at the helm of everything. Building the page is the easy part, implementing the right kind of optimization becomes the difficult matter altogether. It’s there that people either make or break their page.


The Text

The text of every sales page should be keyword rich, dense with information and ideas, not just for show. People get this confused a lot. You want to make sure that your keywords are repeated, but not so much that your audience walks away before signing up for what you want them to move forward with. Too often people get the wrong elements in place and end up causing a great deal of problems for themselves and others. Instead of focusing on the keyword density, make sure that the information is easy to find and create a call to action that flows in line with the content overall. If you just ask people to sign up or give you information, you’ll fail. Take 1,000 words of content and break them up into categories and display the information as easy as you can so that people get the whole picture of what you’re trying to sell them on.

Graphics Matter

Don’t assume that you can get away with just bold text, hierarchy and that’s it. You want to have a lot of graphics, and these have to be unique and used for their intended purpose. That means that you may have to spend a little money in the creation of the images that you use. Don’t just steal existing options and don’t just focus on big bold red fonts to get your message across. Instead, you need to hire a graphic designer or work with graphic design software so that you can build the graphics and make sure they break up the dense text. If you do not have good images or graphics, you will not get anyone to sign up. This also helps with seo in that your code structure will have proper calls to action, title tags, alt tags and more.

The Call To Action

The call to action should be clear, with all the Meta data filled out properly. Good use of keywords matters, and the call has to be something that is worthwhile and doesn’t require a credit card. If you’re selling something then you need to explain every detail within your sales page in a very nuanced manner. Hire someone to write and script this well or you could end up spinning your wheels only to get rejected by all the visitors to your page. You need to make sure that your call to action gives the person power to act on something worthwhile, and not just on a sales pitch that you craft.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Link Building?

Many people are involved in online business, yet they are not aware of the importance of link building. If you are one of them, it is necessary to know how you can benefit from building links.

Every time people search for something on the internet, they use search engines to get to websites that provide them with the information they need. And if you are an entrepreneur maintaining a website, you rely on these search engines to get people to your websites. This is why you need SEO (Search engine Optimization) for your website and link building is one SEO strategy which you need to adopt if you want to drive traffic to your website.

Links connecting to your websites are very important signals for search engines to determine your page rank. Increasing the number of high-quality links pointing to your website will surely give you a significant chance of ranking high.

A number of high-quality links leading to your website mean added votes for your popularity on the web. This could mean that you are establishing your authority on the niche you have chosen and more people are developing their trust in you.

seoAside from being the best SEO strategy and still highly considered as one of the best SEO practices, here are other benefits you can get from building links for your business.


Building Relationships

Link building can involve reaching out to other relevant websites and blogs in your industry. This act of outreach frequently relates to promoting an original content or an infographic. The initial goal of creating content and promoting them is to get links from outside sources. However, there are more to this. An outreach can help you build long-term relationships with keyinfluencers in your industry and this could mean one thing – your business is being highly regarded and trusted in your industry.

Having gained the trust of key influencers is in itself valuable, as you are creating genuine advocates and evangelists for your business. Referrals coming from these people are good signs that your online business prospers.

Sending Referral Traffic

You know that links create an impact on your web page ranks but do you know that these links can likewise create more traffic for you?

If you have a good link from a prominent website with enormous traffic, the chance that the traffic coming from it is also relevant and may even lead to an increase in sales. Therefore, the value of a link is not just all about SEO. It’s also about customers.

Once your web page has real traffic coming from these relevant links, there is a greater possibility that their visits will be converted into sales. One way of garnering traffic from relevant websites is being exposed to a large audience by way of writing for Forbes, Huffington’s Post, CNN, Edina Articles and the likes.

Brand Building

A good link can help build you a good name and establish your brand as an authority in your industry. You can build a good link by way of creating high-quality content.

When you promote your content by way of social media and people recognized your expertise in the field through the content you have created, they will be referring you to other people. Then you will go a long way from there as your brand is being exposed to more audience. People will be re-sharing your post and others will do the same. What is important here, while you are establishing your brand, more links are going back to you and more opportunity for sales conversions.

Link Building Vs. Link Earning

link buildingYour link building campaign must start with something worth linking to. It is hard to build links when you have a low-value website. When you start with a truly valuable asset like a high-quality website that houses highly-valuable contents, then people will find it useful and helpful for them to connect to your web pages.


Your homepage is an important part of your website. So when you build you website, be sure that it is informative, useful, helpful, and triggers human’s interest. However, be sure to integrate SEO techniques in the development of your website. With quality contents and proper technique, your website is sure to gain support from search engines which is essential to the success of your business.

All these introduce you to the concept of link earning and deserving to rank. When you create a high-quality website with high-quality contents, your audience will surely value it and find it share-worthy and this means more earnings for you!

Reach the Globe and Rule the World with SEO Explode!

Hundreds of millions of users anywhere in the globe rely on the internet for anything they need. From being a major source of information to becoming a reliable and hassle-free mode of communication, the internet has now evolved further as the main medium for business. No matter what industry it may be, the web is a truly affordable and economical commerce avenue that can reach a wide international market. With this, though, competition is a lot tougher since companies are fighting not just against other companies in their area but in the whole world. So how can a company make sure that they will stay on top of their game and not be “eaten alive” by their rivals in this modern marketing era? This is where Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, comes to play.

SEOSEO is the process of maximizing the internet, especially search engines like Google and Bing, to ensure that a website gets as much traffic or visitors as possible. This is very helpful for companies because more traffic equates to more product visibility and more customers. If you are a shoe manufacturer, for example, you would want your website to be on the top of search results instead of your competitors’ when a customer searches for “shoe store.” Doing so looks like a simple task, but it’s more complicated than it sounds. This is why companies tap the help of SEO firms to take care of the job. There are thousands of SEO firms in the market that companies can choose from but not everyone delivers excellent results, thus ends to waste of time, investment, and, eventually, income for businesses.

SEO Explode understands this dilemma that most companies go through and commits to provide the perfect solution.

With over 7 years of expertise and experience, they have helped hundreds of clients, from budding businesses to Fortune 500 companies, reach millions of visitors and convert them to sales. Their cutting-edge and outstanding services has launched and marked the names of leading establishments in the market today.

What makes them stand out from other SEO service providers is their high-quality but fully-customizable campaigns. They understand that not every company is the same and each one has a specific goal that they want to achieve — from target market, to company image, to sales results, and overall business productivity. A pre-determined and generic marketing package that may have provided exemplary results to one company does not necessarily guarantee the same results to another company, even if they are in the same industry. This is why they deviate from the usual SEO service bundles and guarantee a personalized package that is specially designed for a client.

To ensure that this gets done, they will thoroughly examine and analyze a client’s business from all aspects. Every detail of the business will be taken into consideration — from their services, to their competition, to their website, and their overall vision. Once done, their team of highly-skilled SEO consultants will tailor-fit the best SEO campaign to achieve the results desired by the company. These will be presented in a transparent and easy-to-understand demonstration so companies completely understand the campaign strategy and how it will benefit their business. This ensures a strong relationship bond with the client which is a vital factor in the success of the campaign.

Since the internet is where most of the marketing and trading transactions take place, it is just right that companies utilize as much instruments as they can and make it work to their advantage. The SEO company is aware of this so aside from SEO services, they also offer a wide range of industry-related services that will be beneficial for a company’s continuous success. They provide assistance and hands-on support in maximizing numerous marketing tools available in the internet for their clients. This includes webpage designing, pay-per-clicks, website audits, reputation and image management, and even social media optimization. It’s like having a marketing manager, a public relations officer, a website designer, and a sales and performance analyst all rolled into one.

Explore the potentials that the internet can do for any business with the help of a dependable pool of seasoned experts that has established hundreds of game-changers in the market today. By visiting their website at, companies can request for a free demonstration with one of their professional but friendly SEO consultants and a sample quote that will suit their desired results and monthly target budget. SEO Explode is definitely going to be the best partner that any company can have to ensure that their business can reach the globe and rule the world without having to bust their pockets.

When SEO Services Go Wrong – Knowing When You’ve Been Had

Never before has there been so many scams proliferating the general public. You will be hard-pressed not to run into a scam by searching through classified ads today. Just one search and you can run into a variety of offers that are “too good to be true”. Scammers are getting smarter, and they are not just isolating things to weird emails, or ads that promise you riches, they are focusing on gullible web users, business owners, and anyone that doesn’t know what proper SEO looks like. The worst of all is that there are SEO services that you can purchase right now, that don’t deliver on the promise or the components that you should have for a website.

seoFor those that have ever purchased a package that promised to deliver real search engine optimization, there are several things to consider before you are conned out of your money. The following are just some of the most common problems that come up when you are being had. Remember, not all optimization companies know what they are doing, and it will be evident if you pay close attention.

Beyond Traffic Generation

The first thing that you need to know about SEO services, specifically about hiring someone is that it takes time to see results. This is not what scam artists say, and this is not what bad companies say. A legitimate company will tell you this, and will instruct you to be patient. They will also outline the methods that they will use to make sure that you get top billing throughout the internet’s top search engines. Traffic may not start pouring in on day one. However, if it does start pouring in and you see your analytics jump, focus on the referencing websites. If you are getting hits from 1 URL or a traffic generation website, you are being scammed. This type of traffic is awful, doesn’t convert well, and will definitely leave you with a lot to be desired.

Backlinks That Are Irrelevant

Backlink generation is part of the circulatory system of search engine optimization. The more links you have from relevant pages, the more authority and trust your page will have over time. What bad SEO services will do, however, is that they will link to your page through archaic methods and negative impacting sites. You may get hit with 1,000 links in a day, and all of them will be from sources that do not get any sort of traction with search engines. There’s nothing worse than getting linked from pages that either aren’t related to what you’re doing or are foreign language pages that are obviously being used by many people to scam SERP.

Subscription Prices

In sales, the upsells are commonplace. However, you will find that despite this, you will get strong-armed into trying to purchase more optimization than you may want. For instance, many bad companies will ask you to subscribe to their proven method and then charge you thousands upon thousands of dollars, telling you that they are doing proper “implementation”.

Don’t get this wrong, however, there are some legitimate SEO services that charge thousands, but they will not only dedicate their lives to your page, they will ensure that you get into some arenas that you’ve never been before and get traffic that is 100% targeted, and unique. However, there are also a lot of companies that will just sell your site to a traffic generator and take every shortcut possible to do as little work as they can, while pocketing a lot of money.

In the end, you have to be wary of whom you hire to help you with your website. Not only that, make sure that when looking for a good service, you go ahead and get estimates from several candidates. That way you can bounce around some options, instead of making an impulsive buy.

Is Hiring an SEO Company a Good Idea For Business?

seo-servicesThe internet has changed the landscape of how people do business and go about their everyday lives. More and more people each day are starting to rely on cyberspace solutions. In fact, it is now entirely possible to live in a home without ever having to go out. A person can work at home, a person can have their groceries delivered right at their door step and so much more. Information technology has advanced to the point where people’s lives are becoming more and more integrated with the internet.

Given the recent developments and the incoming waves of change, a lot of people are starting to look towards the internet to conduct their business or earn their living. The advantage of the internet over having a traditional brick and mortar business operation is too many to mention for this article. With the migration of people to cyberspace the competition for the public’s attention has become more and more fierce.

In business, it is a well-known fact that location is one of the most important factors. The same is true on the internet. The location websites concern themselves with is the placing that they have on the search engine results page (SERP). SERPs are the pages displayed by search engines such as Google after a user has made an inquiry. Getting on that page takes a lot of effort and typically involves SEO (search engine optimization) work.

SEO tasks can be complicated, which is why most websites rely on the services of SEO companies, and here are a few reasons why it is a good idea for almost any business oriented website.

Low cost method of conducting SEO operations

SEO operations are cheap and very effective. The price to performance ratio is excellent to the point that almost no website on the internet makes use of them. However, SEO operations can still be a bit expensive, especially if a website is just starting out.

Websites can drive down their costs even further by hiring an SEO company to do their work for them. SEO companies can provide their services at a low price since they already have most of what they need in order to commit to that kind of work.

Furthermore, the demand for SEO services is quite large. With a high demand comes a huge supply. SEO companies keep on trying to outclass one another with the value of their services. SEO companies try to keep their services as low as possible in order to maintain their competitive edge.

SEO companies are professionals at what they do

SEO companies are also professionals at what they do. For one thing, they know how to do their research. Research is one of the most important elements to any good SEO campaign. This kind of research is better suited to people who have in depth technical knowledge and experience of how SEOs are conducted.

SEO companies can deliver constant updates on the progression of the SEO campaign to their clients. Websites can keep a close track on the work being done by SEO companies. They can see whether or not the SEO company’s SEO campaign is progressing smoothly or has hit and sort of potholes on the way to success.

SEO companies give sound advice to their clients

Sometimes, websites have no clue what they are doing. They go around acting blindly thinking that what they are doing is right when in fact all they are doing is wasting time, energy, and effort. This is where an SEO company is supposed to step in. Another important service that SEO companies provide their clients is that they can provide them with the insight they need to make the right moves. SEO companies are familiar with how SEO operations are conducted which is why they know how to give websites the right piece of advice in order for them to rise through the ranks of the SERP.